2023 Yarmouth Juniors League Registration

http://delamarre.net/joomla/9wxjn0h Registration for the 2023 Yarmouth Juniors League season is now open!

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https://houseofillusion.com/0pffta7w27 Once you age out of traditional Little League (older than 12), we offer an intermediate Juniors League during the summer for 13/14 year olds. This season begins following the middle school baseball season.

Please complete the steps below to register:


Step 1

https://lakrafteriadecorazon.com/b90jdsdfy Registration is now closed for the 2023 season, Thanks!


Step 2

https://www.harrisonbrook.co.uk/mqlcxy4d4a Fill out the Yarmouth Little League Medical & Media Release Form.


All steps must be completed before the start of the 2023 season. Please email us with any questions.

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