Common Questions

Order Real Xanax We’ve tried to answer some of the most common questions below. Please feel free to contact us at with any additional questions and comments. What is My Child’s Little League Age?

see Please see the Little League Baseball age chart and the Little League Softball age chart below to determine if your child is Little League age eligible. Little League International uses August 31st for baseball and January 1st for softball to determine league age.

get link Order Valium Online Overnight Uk Little League Has the Farm Division, Minors Division, and Majors Division. How Do You Determine Who Plays in Each Division? Players are often placed in a division depending on their age and grade level. For example, in baseball, second graders play Farm. Minors baseball is typically made up of third graders, fourth graders, and some fifth graders. Majors baseball is typically made up of fifth graders, sixth graders, and sometimes a small number of fourth graders (depending on roster size and league numbers). Yarmouth Little League will hold evaluations in early April to see what division is a good fit for your child. If your child has already played Majors baseball then he or she does not need to attend evaluations.

Buy Valium Roche 10Mg There are several considerations for playing in the Major League Softball and Baseball Divisions, and first and foremost is safety. We do not want anyone put in a position in which they may get hurt, and this is why we have evaluations to help us determine the skill and ability of each player.


go here How Long Is the Little League Season?

source site Yarmouth Little League will hold optional “just for fun” clinics during the month of March. There will be an evaluation date sometime in early April. The real season gets underway in the middle of April and lasts through the middle of June. Playoffs typically coincide with the last week of school with Championship Saturday on Father’s Day weekend. All-Star teams are chosen in late May or early June, and those players may play into July (and sometimes even August). Please note, Yarmouth Little League also participates in a casual, local, and free summer season for all interested players as well. Once you age out of the Majors Division, Little League does have a Junior Intermediate League for 7/8 graders that is played in the summer once the middle school baseball season is complete.

click here What Equipment Will My Child Need? Your child will need a glove and baseball or softball pants to play Little League. Bats, batting helmets, baseball hats and softball visors, and all jerseys are provided by the league. That said, many players choose to purchase their own bats, batting gloves, helmets, and belts. This is totally up to your family and expensive individual equipment is not necessary for a successful season! 

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Buy Alprazolam 3Mg There Are Strict Rules About What Bats Can Be Used in Little League. What Are the Regulations? There are countless baseball and softball bats to choose from but you MUST make sure they are allowed under Little League rules. This is for safety purposes. Please email us at with questions before making your purchase or ask your coach directly. We strongly suggest that you read the Little League International bat rules here: 

source As an example, in baseball, bats must be marked with the USA Baseball logo for the farm, minors, and majors divisions. Baseball bats shall not be more than 33 inches in length and the barrel must not be more than 2⅝ inches in diameter. Again, if you have questions about your own personal bat and if it’s legal in Little League baseball or softball, please email us at How Long Are the Games?

see url Games at the Little League level are six innings and are often capped at two hours depending on weather, darkness, and if other teams are waiting to use the field.

follow site What Is the All-Star Team? Baseball and Softball All-Star teams are chosen in late May or early June and compete into the summer months. It is an honor to be chosen but it is also a major summer commitment. Practices are held nearly every day of the week starting in the second or third week of June, and teams play until they are eliminated (this could be early July or as late as August).

Order Xanax From Mexico Online All-Star teams are entered into district and state tournaments to compete against the best Little Leaguers in the State of Maine. Yarmouth is a member of Maine Little League District 6. The highest level and oldest age group are playing for a chance to make it to the Little World Series! Depending on League participation numbers and ability levels, Yarmouth Little League may enter multiple all-star teams into district tournaments (for example, a 12-and-under team, an 11-and-under team, and a 10-and-under team). All compete at the district and then state tournament level but only the “12s” have the chance to complete in the official Little League World Series which is the tournament that ends in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

here For more information on All-Stars, the commitment, and the selection process – please visit our Baseball All-Stars or Softball All-Stars pages. Can Older Children Who Have Never Played Little League Before Still Play? Absolutely! The level of players varies dramatically in our league. All of our coaches are trained in new player development, and we love to see players of all abilities and ages join Yarmouth Little League. What Is the Minimum Age To Play Little League?

Buy Diazepam Online 5Mg Baseball: You can register for Yarmouth Little League Baseball when you are Little League Baseball Age 8. See age chart at the top of this page. As a local rule, we like to keep all second graders together, and they will play Baseball Farm League. Please note: Kindergarten and first graders play in the Yarmouth Community Services tee ball and instructional baseball leagues. Softball: You can register for Yarmouth Little League Softball when you are Little League Softball Age 7. See age chart at the top of this page. First grade softball players will play together as part of the Farm League. Please note: Yarmouth Community Services offers tee ball and instructional baseball to all kindergarten and first graders. Softball, however, begins with Yarmouth Little League.