Back to the Ballpark – Registration Opens June 15

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Buy Xanax In India We are excited to announce registration for baseball and softball on June 15.  As you might expect, there is a great deal of important information to share with you in view of COVID-19.

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  • Please carefully review the safety guidelines before registering your player.  The safety guidelines have been approved by the Town of Yarmouth.  The goal was to take all safety precautions possible while, at the same time, allowing our players to have a true baseball or softball experience.   
  • If coaches, players or spectators do not follow the guidelines they will be asked to leave the fields complex.  Further, non-compliance with the safety guidelines puts in jeopardy our ability to hold the season.  If you have any questions about the safety guidelines please email us at
  • Parents must agree to a COVID-19 waiver at the time of registration which acknowledges your understanding of the risk of participation, the safety guidelines, and that you will not hold YLL or any of its board members/volunteers responsible in the event of an illness.
  • Registration will not be open for farm league for baseball or softball.  Please know this was a difficult decision.  We are not confident in our ability to enforce the safety guidelines at the farm league age level.  
    • Baseball will be open for league age 9 to 14 year olds. 
    • Softball will be open for league age 9 to 14 year olds.
    • Age charts for baseball and softball are available here.
  • The registration fee is $50.  If you donated your registration fee when we cancelled our traditional season the $50 will be refunded to you after you enroll.  We apologize it cannot be waived on the front-end.
  • The format and league schedule will be determined depending on registration levels.  This means that if enrollment is not high enough some divisions might not be able to go forward.  If you are going to register your player it would be extremely helpful to us if you would register as quickly as possible so that format/scheduling decisions can be made.  Ideally, practices will begin the last week of June and games will begin after July 1.
  • All of the safety guidelines are important.  We would like, however, to point out that there will be no equipment sharing this season.  Some players have their own helmet/bat and others do not.  At registration please be certain to let us know whether your player will need a helmet and/or bat. While we are excited to give our kids a long-awaited opportunity to play ball we cannot emphasize enough that there will be strict adherence to the safety guidelines.

click here Please also note that in addition to registration on June 15, we will also be opening the YLL online store for a limited time.  You will find the link on

get link Thank you, YLL Board

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